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Eric Ressler

Mr. Ressler has been involved with Atlanta English Institute since 1998 and has several years of business experience including C-level and entreprenuerial roles. His core competencies include organizational planning, economic development, governance structures, executive team building, and contributing to subsequent growth.

Having broad industry (mining, real estate, publishing, technology, consumer services, marketing consulting, agriculture, and education) and functional experience (business development, accounting, management, research, consultation), Eric Ressler brings organizational leadership and thoughtful solutions to apply in growth situations. Outcomes include facilitating the successful sale of real estate and publishing businesses as well as the development of a complete business plan, economic structure, and executive team selection for a cybersecurity unicorn. Mr. Ressler was an adjunct professor of finance and strategy at Belhaven University for seven years and holds degrees from Yale, UCLA, and Claremont McKenna College. He enjoys a beautiful, very talented wife, three precious children, gardening, and a dog named Teddy.

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